Cycling like Sala Soulier

  • 29 Oct 2022

“When you body’s rolling and you’re hitting your sexy corner, you can’t be on a regular spinning bike like they have in the gym.”

In this edition, one of PrimaFit's clients, Sara Soulier, talks about her experience using PrimaFit's product, Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle.

Sara Soulier is a US citizen who is active in various conservation organizations in various countries and has lived in Bali for a long time. He likes outdoor activities and sports. While living in Singapore, Sara had the opportunity to try the Rythmic Cycling class from Absolute Cycle, which is a cycling class that also uses dumbbells with some dance moves.

After returning to Bali, he really missed that experience. Unfortunately, Sara couldn't find a suitable spinning class. Not long after, the Covid lockdown occurred.

“My days are sometimes quite stressful, and 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Without fitness, my physical and mental performance declines. Finally I decided to buy a Stages SC2 bike. Worth my happiness and my health. And within 3 days, I received my new bike!”

Sara placed Stages SC2 in front of the TV, equipped with speakers and disco lights. All of this makes the Absolute Cycle online class he is taking even more exciting.

“In the first weeks I attended class almost every day. I really like how sturdy the Stages bike is for the Rythmic Cycling type of movement, very different from the bikes I've tried at other spinning studios. I also really like the SprintShift feature, so I don't have to turn the knob 10-15x to increase the load. With SprintShift, gear changes are as fast as on a regular bike. The Stages pedals and weights are also very smooth, similar to the ones I used in Singapore.”

Sara really recommends that those of you who like to exercise try a cardio class or something new because who knows, maybe that new thing will become your favorite. To try the Stages indoor cycle or other cardio class devices directly, you can visit PrimaFit shops in various malls in Jakarta and Surabaya.

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