• 29 Oct 2022

BlazePod – Follow your instincts

Optimise your performance with the innovative Flash Reflex training system

Take your performance to the next level
Take your performance to the next level with Flash Reflex Training and take advantage of measuring your or your clients' performance digitally.

Practice with BlazePod:

Enable Bluetooth: Your smartphone and Blazepod connect automatically
Choose a workout: Select a workout in the app and start your workout
Save and analyze: Your performance is saved and can be analyzed easily


Wide range of applications in different sports.

Whether basketball, football, tennis or martial arts – BlazePods get the last percentage of your training!

BlazePods In Individual and Team Sports
Reflex training: Blazepod's configurable lighting challenges central neuromotor processes and thus trains quick tactical changes and reaction skills in a fun way.

Individuality: The BlazePod app allows pod configuration and execution of various training programs. With the right organization, targeted and effective training programs can be created.

Digital accuracy: Blazepods intelligent sensor system offers highly accurate recording of performance achieved and thus valuable feedback when evaluating and adjusting training.

Improve your performance
Easy setup, tracking of your training goals – let's get started!

Get Your BlazePods and Start Practicing!
Intuitive operation: With the help of the BlazePod app, Reflex Training can be easily adapted to your needs

Universal: Innovative adapter system allows Blazepod to be used in almost any scenario

8-hour battery life: This means the pod supports you in every workout with new training stimuli


Enhance your training with BlazePod Pro

Intuitive operation: With the help of the BlazePod app, Reflex Training can be easily adapted to your needs

Drive your athletes' and clients' performance to new levels with a BlazePod Pro subscription. Get a special offer of a free 6 month subscription to BlazePod Pro for every BlazePod Kit purchase.

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