Crossfit Senayan

Perjalanan LifeSpa® Fitness di Indonesia dari Waktu ke Waktu


Established in 2012, CrossFit Senayan is one of CrossFit affiliate boxes in Jakarta.


CrossFit Senayan realizes and understands that people come in from all kinds of different backgrounds with different histories, conditions, limitations, injuries and with different skill and ability levels. That is the reason why CrossFit Senayan is the first CrossFit box in Indonesia to produce and implement a Progression Board™ to identify exactly where you are at as far as the skills / movements that you have mastered. Our Progression Board™ prevents our athletes from doing “step 2” before completing “step 1”. This is how we keep you healthy and safe because form and technique is the cornerstone of CrossFit Senayan, Jakarta.

Workouts are Personalize
Everyone does the same workout-of- the-day (WOD), but everyone is at different levels of technical ability and strength. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, because each activity can be modified. For example, if you can’t do a pull-up, you can stand on a box and do jumping pull-ups, or add an elastic band to help pull you upward.Workouts are safe, and there are time limits, to make

The community is great
When you like the people you work out, it’s easy to keep going back. The community aspect of CrossFit has huge appeal because you’re all doing the same WODs together and it creates an atmosphere of friendly competition. People hold each other accountable and cheer each other on, unlike in a regular gym where everyone does their own thing.We in CrossFit Senayan look forward to welcoming you!


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