Recumbent Ellipticals

Octane Product Recumbent Elleptical

Now members can enjoy all the benefits of standing ellipticals in a comfortable, seated position with Octane’s exclusive xRide recumbent elliptical. Outperforming other seated equipment with exclusive PowerStroke technology, the xRide provides a superior seated workout. Plus, with the moving handlebars, members benefit from total-body workouts; and Workout Boosters like Chest Press and Leg Press facilitate strength training intervals.


The Active Seat Position ensures a custom fit for all exercisers, and opens the hips for greater muscle engagement. And with a variety of workout programs and resistance levels, the xRide recumbent elliptical can challenge beginners to athletes. This is no ordinary seated exercise!


The Ultimate Seated Elliptical

Octane’s xR6000 xRide commercial recumbent elliptical has been thoughtfully refined to deliver even easier access and more comfort – all for highly effective and productive total-body workouts that beat other seated equipment.


With the moving handlebar pivot point now located at the front of the machine, and with oversized platforms, it’s simple to get on and off of the xRide. Plus, exercisers can capitalize on customized comfort with a larger seat cushion, new infinite seat height adjustments and independent seat tilt options. Plus, the fine-tuned xRide still includes all the trademark features that make it a powerful, popular choice, including PowerStroke technology, HIIT and advanced workouts and combined cardio and strength training.

Octane Advantages

  • An effective workout you can get sitting down
  • Active Seat Position™
  • Challenging total-body workout
  • Step-through design


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